New Character

A new character arrives in on the coast of the mainland of Khoyee, starting fresh at General Level 1 (GL 1) and Role Level 0 (RL 0) on all Roles.


You set sail aboard a small ship departing your island origins, where you were a… (Race, Job, Origins)

Come up with your back story, this is mostly just to give your character a starting point in their story and justification for some of their starting gear and skills.


Choose a race for your character to be.  Your chosen race determines some traits your character will have which could play into how your character behaves in and out of combat but you should mainly choose a race based on what you think will be the most fun to play. No race is significantly better than any other.

Human: The most common sentient race of Khoyee and the surrounding islands.

Race Passive Ability

Family Taught: Start with + 1 Primary or Secondary Role Skillpoint

Dwarf: Human-like in build, short in height, and masculine in both men and women.


Race Passive Ability

Hard to Hit:  +1 to miss on rolls against you. (1-8 miss chance becomes 1-9 miss chance)

Elfein: Forest spirits in the shape of man, made of plant with wisp at their core.

Race Passive Ability

Regrowth:  +10% Health recovery per turn during combat.

Draken: Humanoid Drakes, hailing from the burning isles, these creatures are fierce and have a history of conflict with humankind.


Race Passive Ability

Second Heart - A Draken can resist a death blow once per day. This effect does not restore upon being revived with magic or items.


Every character has an origin. This can impact their upbringing and their initial relationships with certain groups.



Inheritance: Roll a Tier I Trait to apply to 1 piece your starting equipment.


Grit: Start with 50 experience in a Role of your choice*.



Geared Up: Start with Tier 1 armor.​


Cavern Born: Start with 100 experience in the Gather Role*.


Garden Grown

Blend: You can blend into Gardens in Towns and Cities.

Forest Born

Fertilizer: Dead creatures can heal you for 25% of their max health outside of combat. Resources can not be gathered for creatures used for healing.



Renown: You begin your journey with a Draken NPC as your companion. This Draken comes with no starting gear or experience in any role.

No Name

Story Untold: Create a family name based on a feat you achieve during your story, increase your Role Level by 1 in the related Role in which the name is based.

* = Primary/Secondary Experience applies to Origin experience. So 100 Gather Experience at start could be 300 Gather Experience at start if your character chooses Gather as their Primary Role.


Stats have a major impact on how your character performs in battle.  Two characters could have the same skill set but behave completely differently in battle because of their stat distribution.  Your character will have 10 stat points to spend at the start and will gain additional stat points whenever they increase in General Level.  The amount of stat points gained varies based on General Class, refer to the General Class section for more info.


Aura - Most damage is first dealt to aura, when this is depleted health will begin receiving damage. This replenishes after every battle or encounter. Aura is also used as an energy source for some casters.


Health - Characters and creatures are alive as long as they have health, when this hits 0 they die. Health replenishes from meals, rest, and potions.


Strength - Increases damage with strength weapons, increases stun affliction, and increases your character's natural Carry Weight.

Dex - Increases damage with dex weapons, piercing damage, and increases your character's Turn Priority.

Intelligence - Bonus to experience gained


Fortitude - Resistance to piercing, stun, and toxic. Each point in Fortitude adds +25 Stun Resist, +25 Toxic Resist, and +2.5% Pierce Resist.

Starting Stats

Your character starts with 25 Aura, 100 Health, and 10 stat points to spend across Aura, Health, Strength, Dex, Intelligence, and Fortitude.


Stat Points: 10

Points to spend on stats (+10 on start)


Aura: 25 (+25 per point invested)


Health: 100 (+25 per point invested)


Strength: 0 (+1 damage to strength based weapons, +1 to stun damage per point invested)


Dex: 0 (+1 damage to dex based weapons, +1 to piercing damage per point invested)


Intelligence: 0 (+1% bonus exp per point invested)


Fortitude: 0


Stun Resist: 0/0 (+25 per point invested)


Toxic Resist: 0/0 (+25 per point invested)


Pierce Resist: 0% (+2.5% per point invested)