A Kingdom Building, Multiplayer, Tabletop RPG Designed by Dakota Barrett

How to Play

There are to main roles to play in Kingdoms of Khoyee.  A Player, and a Player Master.


As a Player your primary goal is simply to have fun and take your character as far as you want to take them.  You should find a group that fits what kind of adventure you want to go on.  Do you want to build up a kingdom? Then find a group of people want to do the same. You don't all have to be rulers, in fact you shouldn't all want to be.  Pick one among you to take the crown, the rest of the party can lead and build in their own way.  Forge your ruler's arms, train their armies, develop their trade routes, fend off their potential usurpers, and anything else that must be done for your group to reach your goals.  Your adventure is up to you in the end, your character isn't tied to any one adventure. That ruler you once protected? Perhaps they've grown tired of your company and you of theirs, so you set out to find a new life for yourself.  You can find another party to adventure with, or perhaps go solo and do something completely different.

If you enjoy to tell tales and craft journeys then the role of a Player Master may be for you.  You decide what creatures and enemies your party encounters, what loot they receive, if they are struck by a fatal blow or live to see another day. You guide them or perhaps push them in the direction you wish for them to go.  While a player may choose what kind of adventure they want to go out on, it is up to their Player Master to make that journey a memorable one.

Where to Start

If you are just interested in being a player all you need to know is how to create a character and how that character works.  What Roles do they prioritize, how do their skills work, what equipment they have at their disposal and so on.  The content regarding creating a character, not including the equipment list, is about 10 pages. These pages explain how some of the core mechanics of KoK function so you have a general idea of how you want to design your character so you can have as much as you can while still staying within the rules of the world so others can have fun as well.  When you're ready to create your character you can expand the Character Menu       on the right to begin writing their information.


If you are interested in being a Player Master, meaning you will be in charge of a party or parties of players, it is recommended that you read the entire guidebook to get a full understanding of the rules and gameplay mechanics of KoK.  If you are a solo player you will need to be both the Player Master and the player, therefore it is also recommended to read the entire guidebook.

You do not need to remember every bit of info from the guidebook and where to find it. If you see any information that may be important for you and your players you can Bookmark      information and it will be stored in your Bookmarks     . To ensure your players have an engaging session try to Bookmark information ahead of time based on what you want the session to be like, such as creatures you may want your players to face in their next engagement(s).

The Land of Khoyee

The land of Khoyee has been shrouded in shadow, great storms covered the massive landmass and the seas surrounding it making colonization impossible for centuries.  Civilizations were limited to the islands thousands of miles from the southern coast of Khoyee. That is until the storms ceased almost entirely overnight. The adventurous of heart set their sights on these new lands for many a reason, to make a name for themselves, to explore new lands, or to call somewhere home.  You play the part of one of these adventurous souls.

Starting Location

After you've made your character you will need to pick a starting location.  If you are playing with a party you should all try to agree on a starting area or have your party master choose for you.  New characters will always start on the coast of the mainland of Khoyee.  It is recommended that you choose a starting town/city with a harbor.  If there is not one available or you do not wish to start in a town, you can choose a wild region along the coast to land in.  Starting off in the wild is dangerous though and could likely get your character killed before they've had much of a chance to start their adventure.