A Kingdom Building, Multiplayer, Tabletop RPG

About KoK

Kingdoms of Khoyee seeks to take the joy we experience with tabletop rpgs with our own individual parties, and bring the community together under one united experience. Every adventure your character(s) go on impacts the world your character(s) live in and those around them, not just NPCs but other player characters and parties too! When your campaign comes to an end, the world keeps on going. Continuously providing new adventures for those seeking to explore the lands of Khoyee.


Kingdoms of Khoyee is a multiplayer, tabletop rpg focused around a world shaped by its players.  You go on adventures that lead to new lands being discovered, claimed, and settled. Environments change as player led civilizations clear out wildlife and build cities.  Kingdoms will rise and prosper as their people gather resources and commence trade. They will also fall through war and chaos. Not every player is the leader of a kingdom, but every player has a role they play in their ultimate fate, be it through the swinging of swords or the forging of them.

To play KoK all you need is a D20 die and somewhere to record your character's information such as their current health and equipment. Your Player Master will provide the rest for you and your party.

Set Out on Your Adventure


Kingdoms of Khoyee is a game about an ever-changing world. Your character(s) will live and die and change the world for better or worse.  There's a lot you can do but you should come up with a general idea of what you want to set out to do with your character and find a party that fits your intended play style (or play solo if you wish)!

In KoK players are guided on their adventures by Player Master's (PMs for short) Player Master's are in turn guided by World Master's who make sure everyone plays within the rules of KoK (more or less) so that everyone's experience is untarnished

Choose Your Role


Khoyee is a land filled with characters, you choose your character(s)' role amongst them, be it the leader of a kingdom, a simple shopkeep, or an adventurous hero who slays the beast of the land. Roleplay your character as you see fit.  The role(s) you play will shape the skills you learn and what impact you make on the world.

Multipurpose Roles​​
  • Leader

  • Gatherer

  • Laborer

  • Cook

  • Beastmaster

  • Caster

  • Herbalist

  • Rogue

  • Communicator

Combat Roles​​
  • Swords

  • Brute

  • Bows

  • Longarms

  • Short Blades

  • Shields

  • Light Armor

  • Medium Armor

  • Heavy Armor

While players and NPCs share the same roles and thus NPCs are as capable of doing what players can do, player characters have the advantage of having both a Primary and Secondary Role which allows them to level significantly faster in the roles they specialize in. NPCs do not have such benefits.

Settle and Build


The lands of Khoyee are out there to be discovered and tamed.  The mainland is yours to take and build settlements for people to thrive in.  Settlements, towns, cities, kingdoms, these are not set in stone. Players will decide what civilization looks like across the lands of Khoyee. A great kingdom could stretch for a thousand miles one year and the next the capital could be a ruin and the once great kingdom could be split into many smaller ones.

The world of Khoyee is divided into regions. These regions are not forever wild or forever civilized. A wild region can be cleared and built upon, and a developed region could become abandoned and return to nature.

Heroes Die, Legacies Go On


Characters will come and go but with luck and a bit of hard work, they can assure that their story will go on beyond the time they breathe Khoyee's air. Every character helps shape the lands of Khoyee and the civilizations on it in one way or another.  A character's actions and what they leave behind will serve a use to those that follow.

A World of Adventures

KoK at its core is a game about developing the world with every adventure, shaping the adventures of those around you. Perhaps one of your characters builds an Inn where others gather before setting out on their adventures, while on another campaign your character is slain by a Drake but their gear is rediscovered by a party years later and they use your deceased character's sword to slay the Drake that bested you! Every action your character(s) take has an impact on the world no matter how small, impacts that help shape the world everyone gets to explore and enjoy.

Chaotic Repercussions

Chaos develops over time, though character deaths are the main source of Chaos. The more characters that die, the more rapidly Chaos builds up and eventually, a Creature of Chaos will be attracted to it. As characters die, Creatures of Chaos will start to travel from beyond the North. They will seek out those that cause Chaos and attempt to destroy them.  These creatures are incredibly powerful, far beyond what typically can be found in the lands of Khoyee.

Creatures of Chaos

Creatures of Chaos vary in strength but are considered Tier VI+ compared to what can be found in Khoyee being Tier V and below. Unless you have a powerful army at your back, you may want to avoid causing Chaos and having such a creature become interested in you (and what you taste like). Even armies can fall to such creatures so peace may be a preferable alternative to Chaos, even if Chaos can lead to short term gains.