A Kingdom Building, Multiplayer, Tabletop RPG

Kingdoms of Khoyee is a tabletop rpg in which characters, players and npcs alike, set out to explore and settle a new fantastical land where the world is what the people make of it.

Choose Your Role

Khoyee is a land filled with characters, choose your role amongst them, be it the leader of a kingdom, a simple shopkeep, or an adventurous hero. Roleplay your character as you see fit.  The role you play will shape the skills you learn and what impact you make on the world.

Multipurpose Roles​​
  • Leader

  • Gatherer

  • Laborer

  • Cook

  • Beastmaster

  • Caster

  • Herbalist

  • Rogue

  • Communicator

  • Caster

  • Herbalist

  • Rogue

Combat Roles​​
  • Swords

  • Brute

  • Bows

  • Longarms

  • Short Blades

  • Shields

  • Light Armor

  • Medium Armor

  • Heavy Armor

Settle and Build

The lands of Khoyee are out there to be discovered and tamed.  Every region begins in a natural state with creatures and natural resources across the land.  Given the time and effort, those resources can be cleared and those creatures dealt with, making room for society to build over.  Every kingdom has its reign and nature will be waiting to reclaim what belongs to it.

Heroes Die, Legends Go On

Characters will come and go but with luck and a bit of hard work, they can assure that their story will go on beyond the time they breathe Khoyee's air. Their actions and what they leave behind will continue to be as others travel and discover the lands of Khoyee and the tales of those that came before.

Chaotic Reprecutions

Beyond The North are creatures of Chaos and they are attracted to their namesake. When one creates chaos through death and war, they attract creatures of chaos far more powerful than any creatures they know in the lands inhabited by people. Those that create chaos will surely face it and the suffering that follows.